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        Helpline No: 03252 - 222575

        Mission Nirmal Bangla - NEW STRATEGY

        Mechanism adopted by District Administration for making rapid strides in supply side for house hold sanitation:-

        Strengthening & Rejuvenation of RSM

        Extending financial support by releasing @ 2.20 lakh for each RSM as advance subsidy.

        Selection of alternate NGO as support partner to existing RSM. Blacklisting of unwilling RSM

        Involvement of prospective SHGs in installation of IHHLs:-

        In Manbazar – II & Purulia –II male SHGs have been encouraged to involve the installation work.

        .Financial support from ZP is being extended to them.

        Functioning of Central Production Centre at Purulia :-

        For bridging up critical gap towards supply of materials at aspirant NGPs a Central ProductionCentre is set up with the help of a NGO at Purulia with a capacity of production about 2000 plates per month .