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Functioning of PZP


Manbhum District Board emerged as Purulia Zilla Parishad in the year 1964. It is the top most tier of the 3 tier Panchayat Raj System, and functions the pivoted role of multi-dimensional socio-economical developmental activities through out the district. Education, Health, Water, Total Sanitation, Rural Connectivity are its main field of activities. Purulia Zilla Parishad is working relentlessly in the direction of revolutionizing the egalitarian concept of society – the hope of the mass.

The office is run in a multistoried building amidst soothing natural surroundings, overlooking the beautiful Saheb Bundh.

Purulia Zilla Parishad cordially endeavors to create integral waves of development and strongly feels that development of rural economy is first step towards development of the country, as a whole.